Cylinder Liners are Most Desirable Engine Components


Automobile products are incomplete without engine and every engine block requires cylinder liners components. A cylinder liner is a removable part that is cylindrical in shape and inserted into engine block. It is a hollow cylindrical shell that is used as the enclosure in which the combustion happens. By using hollow term, it doesn’t mean that it is weak in strength. Cylinder liner are designed to withstand the high level of hoop stress induced in it.

Manufacturers of cylinder liners generally use cast iron material for its lubricating properties. Also, cast iron is porous in nature and this helps in minimizing the risk of seizure of the piston during its operation. Still, it is not a robust material and this is why manufacturers use it with combination of chromium, nickel or copper in small quantity. Casting is done by centrifugal method and sand casting technique.

The internal surface is chrome plated and smoother in finish. This smoothness doesn’t allow oil to spread out properly and thus, it affects liner lubrication.

Cylinder liners are among the components that can be easily replaced when worn out. The cylinder liners are made from close grained cast iron. In four stroke engines, they are simple cylinder shapes flanged at the top to secure and provide location to them in the cylinder blocks or to the water jacket. This flange, a joint ring made of copper or heat resistant rubber is placed. The lower end has rubber rings that seal the surface and don’t allow water to enter. Other use of rubber rings is to prevent oil from the crankcase entering the water jackets.

Configuration of cylinder liner and frame

  1. Low position of mating surface cylinder liner
  2. Straightforward cooling jacket
  3. Slim cylinder liner

 Cylinder frame

  • Smaller and lighter
  • Uncooled and straightforward design

In wet cylinder liners, the water is in direct contact with the liner’s outer surface. In dry cylinder liners, the water is in indirect contact with outer surface of the liner.

When the piston rings are renewed the glaze over the liner bore need to be broken by honing. This offers the surface suitable for rapid running-in. In order to offer a robust wearing surface, the bore of liners is subjected to the nitriding process.

Cylinder liners are no doubt the desirable components for auto engines. Manufacturers making auto parts are also providing cylinder liners to their global clients.


About linersleeves

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