The Purpose of Cylinder Liner Complete Exporters Guide


A cylinder liner is also called by the name of cylinder sleeve. In this article, cylinder liner exporters will explain the purpose of their product and also share maintenance tips. Let’s read out the complete story and understand why engineers intend the cylinder liners for engine.

It is a cylindrical component placed inside an engine block to form a cylinder. It is one of the most critical functional parts to make up the interior of an engine and offers a protective surface to piston and piston rings against wear and tear.

The purpose of the liner

The barrel or bore in which an engine piston moves back and forth is an important component of the cylinder block. It may be a separate sleeve or liner. The first type is commonly used in gasoline engines and cannot be replaced. When excessive wear happens in a block, the cylinder needs to be honed or rebored.

Manufacturers and servicing partner are unable to recondition this type and thus, the entire cylinder block needs to be replaced. Due to these reasons, manufacturers often intend diesel engines with replaceable cylinder liners.

They use specialized material to construct liners, which help the product withstand the extreme heat and pressure developed inside the combustion space at top of the cylinder and at the same time, it should allow the piston and its sealing rings to move with a least of friction. In general, manufacturers use cast iron material for liner construction. However, sometimes steel is also used as next best option.

Some liners are plated with porous chromium on the wearing surface as chromium has greater wear resistant qualities other than materials. The pores present in the plating used to hold lubricating oil and help in maintaining the oil film, which is important for reduction of friction and wear.

There are two designs of liners:

  1. Wet liners
  1. Dry liners

Dry liners have thin walls as compared to wet liners. In dry liners, coolant circulates across the passages in the block and doesn’t come in contact with the cylinder liner.

Wet liners don’t have special cooling passages. The liner form the water jacket and a separate jacket which is a part of the cylinder block.

These are the basic purposes of cylinder liners. Manufacturers are also producing cylinder liners of titanium alloys as they are lighter than traditional liners. You can contact cylinder liner exporters to avail distinct designs of liners and sleeves.


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