Manufacturers of Cylinder Sleeves India Sharing Evaluating Tips for Diesel Engine


Presentation3So, you have found your dream diesel tractor at a sale. But do you know how to evaluate its engine and other parts like cylinder sleeves? Manufactures of Cylinder Sleeves India will share some useful tips for evaluating diesel engine. When you visit a store to buy that diesel tractor, you should ask a few questions to the owner, such as-

•    Has the tractor been sitting in your store/garage? If yes, for how long?
•    Have you installed new fuel in the tank?
•    Do you find difficulty in taking care of the tractor?
•    How many hours are on the meter?

In general, several well-maintained diesels can run in excess of 7,000 hours and still have potential to serve more. However, you must beware of abuse signs, poor maintenance, and unorthodox repairs when you perform evaluation of the engine.

Make sure there is no lope

If you get a chance, perform a field diagnosis before buying the tractor from the sale. When cranking the engine, you should listen for a lope, or uneven noise/rhythm. If it happens, this could mean that there is loss of compression in at least one cylinder. Due to poor rings or leakage in the head gasket, loss of compression happens. When that cylinder gets its turn at compression, there will be less resistance to the starter due to air leakage.

If there is a lope, get someone else to turn the diesel engine over when you try to heart the crankcase to listen the sound of escaping air. This will help you in finding if a loss of compression is the issue.

If the tractor engine is equipped with glow plugs to help with cold starting, you need to activate the plugs when starting the engine and listen to uneven firing. This can indicate that one or multiple plugs is not right or there is a wiring fault.

Smoking Diesel

If the diesel produces a small puff or light blue smoke, and purrs like a kitten, then you know it is okay. However, you should worry when the engine runs rough once it’s started, hear the uneven firing and unusual color of exhaust smoke. It can be due to some reasons-

•    Dirty or worn fuel injectors
•    Old, poor, or contaminated diesel fuel
•    Poor compression because of weak cylinder rings
•    Worn cylinder sleeves


About linersleeves

With all the know-how and vigorous efforts, Liner Sleeves professional have imprinted a niche for business in the marketplace and hence, recognized as one of the most consistent manufacturers and exporters of cylinder liners in India. Having the much essential expertise in this area, we have set a standard in this hugely competitive and altering manufacturing market.
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