Coatings Apply by Manufacturers On Piston Pins

Manufacturers use the coatings on piston pin rings for optimum TBO (Time Between Overhaul) on huger marine engines. They try their best to enhance the power output of all engines. The more power brings the more heat load and mechanical load on cylinder liners and piston rings. This helps in development of new piston ring coatings with superb wear properties under increasing challenging running conditions.

Piston Pins

The functional piston ring coatings are separated into two categories that are used in large-bore engines- running-in coatings, and wear-resistant coatings.

About running-in coatings

This running-in coating is soft to apply on the running face of the ring in order to seal the ring properly within the first few hours of operation. Another use of this coating is to bring gentle finish to the running surface of the cylinder liner. There are manufacturers offering a comprehensive range of alternative running-in coatings. This type of coating is used directly to the base material or use as an additive to wear-resistant coating.

Wear-resistant coatings on running face

Manufacturers supply specialized thermally sprayed wear-resistant coatings. These coatings are applied to the ring’s running face to avail high loaded applications. These coatings contain a mixture of ceramic and metallic compounds. The products are often produced in-house with latest technology and equipment. They test their entire range of products in lab facility to ensure world-class performance to the customers.

Wear-resistant coating on ring plane

Sometimes, manufacturers apply hard chromium coating to make the bottom ring plan more resistant to wear. This coating is also used for layering piston groove to enhance the TBO. Hard chromium is a tested technology that offers excellent resistance to ring groove wear.

Piston ring needs to operate in temperatures more than 450°F with friction free capabilities in order to acquire more of 6000 revolutions per minute, and to remain dimensionally stable throughout its working life. In recent times, piston rings bring new challenges in terms of performance and durability. These challenges are encountered by the makers during the manufacturing process and development process of new base materials, ring profiles, and coatings.

Coating apply to the piston crown helps increases the surface hardness. Anodizing enhances wear resistance better than hard anodizing. Coating products offer unique heat dissipating feature that helps in transferring heat from the metal to the oil where it is simple to handle.

Manufacturers make efforts to enhance the performance of a piston through coatings. They work on their products to make them more reliable in use. Coatings help them in making their pistons and piston pins durable than before. Moreover, coated pistons wear less and offer high performance to the user.

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