Re-Sleeving An Engine Cylinder With a Modern Approach

Since many years, businessmen are proud to being able to repair and restore something in working condition. Re-sleeving an engine is a way to repair and restore engine cylinder sleeve /bore that enables the system to start operation again.

Cylinder Sleeves

We can provide you several reasons to restore or re-sleeve an engine. There are times when engine are kept outside in the open. However, it is never a good idea to store an engine as the surface may react with air and cause rusting; which is an enemy of the engine. If you are living in coastal area or near beach, it can be little tough for you to prevent rusting in the engine because of humidity level. But if you are in dessert area, your engine is still safe and protected against humidity.

Cars are generally left to sit once they have a blown head gasket that can damage the cylinder regardless if you have used antifreeze. And experts noted that rust never sleeps.

Another reason behind requirement of re-sleeving is the cracking. Aluminium cylinders are at high risk of cracking as compared to CI blocks. There are several causes behind cracking of the cylinder. Sometimes the reason can be hydraulic locking with gas or coolant. This moment, either cylinder is going to yield or the rod connected to it is going to bend. However, replacing a few of these aluminium blocks can be expensive yet worth saving.

Loosening of piston pins is another rare reason. When pin locks are installed by you incorrectly, it causes damage to the cylinder. At the end, you need to repair the sleeve of cylinder.

Thermal cracks or freeze cracks are next possible reasons for a damaged sleeve. Freezing can damage engine when you have not used sufficient antifreeze.

These reasons are valid and experts have checked the engine cylinder sleeves performance under extreme conditions to ensure efficient working of sleeves. If they find anything weird or any such symptom, they re-sleeve the cylinder and bring back the engine in operational condition.


About linersleeves

With all the know-how and vigorous efforts, Liner Sleeves professional have imprinted a niche for business in the marketplace and hence, recognized as one of the most consistent manufacturers and exporters of cylinder liners in India. Having the much essential expertise in this area, we have set a standard in this hugely competitive and altering manufacturing market.
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