A Complete Guide To Piston Pins Manufactured In India

India is now a leading exporter and manufacturer of all types of auto-parts. Piston pins is one among them. These pins serve as a link between the piston and the connecting rod of an engine. These pins are also commonly known as wrist pins. Piston pins are hollow and are made of up of best of the materials. Indian manufacturers offer these pins out of alloy steel for more precision and accuracy. Liner Sleeves auto Industries, a Gujarat based manufacturer of auto-parts in India is one of the pioneers of manufacturing Piston pins that can endure high horsepower.


Types of Piston Pins

Piston pins needs precise positioning or otherwise they may damage the cylinder wall. Thus, piston pins are largely classified on the basis; they get secured in the assembly of connecting rod. The types are given below.

  • Stationary Piston Pins
  • Semi-floating Piston Pins
  • Full-Floating Piston Pins

Of all the three, Indian manufacturers mostly cater to the demand of the full-floating piston pins as the demand for the same is a huge one in the industry while the stationary piston pins are not at all considered to be effective for marine diesel engines due to uneven wear and tear. Piston pins require lubrication from time to time for an optimal performance either through a spray nozzle or by a splash via a crankcase.

Know the features of Piston Pins

Piston pins manufactured by Indian auto part manufacturers exhibit many excellent features, some of which are including but not limited to the following ones.

  • Assured quality
  • Easy installation
  • Less maintenance
  • Robust design
  • Certified raw components
  • Longer shelf life
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Complies with international standards
  • High tensile strength

Piston pins manufactured by Indian companies are not only reliable and light in weight, but also have an amazing finishing on their bearing surface as well as the inside section. Expert quality inspection helps in achieving high quality standards.

These pins are in wide application in the automobiles, diesel engines, heavy earth movers, tractors and air compressors. If you need piston pins for your need, then it is wise to get these only from Indian manufacturers to get a value for your money. Indian manufacturers like Liner Sleeves auto industries are already exporting their piston pins successfully since many years to many countries in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf.

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About linersleeves

With all the know-how and vigorous efforts, Liner Sleeves professional have imprinted a niche for business in the marketplace and hence, recognized as one of the most consistent manufacturers and exporters of cylinder liners in India. Having the much essential expertise in this area, we have set a standard in this hugely competitive and altering manufacturing market.
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